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Hiring a drone videographer for your wedding.

What you should know when hiring a drone videographer for your wedding.

Wedding is a once in a life event and it takes a lot of time to plan it.

You spend big bucks for your venue and want to capture and remember each moment of your day. Nowadays to have a good photographer is not enough. Videography has become a very popular service, and the industry will keep bringing new technology solutions to capture your venue more creatively.

Drones are a huge leap forward in the videography industry. Wherever you do your wedding, along the beautiful coast of Atlantic Ocean or in the middle of city jungle, a drone can show the bigger picture, or overall context, of your important event, as well capture the atmosphere.

Hiring a drone videographer should be planned in detail. We would recommend getting regular ground-based video and drone video from the same company, which can then manage the post-production of all the footage taken. It makes your life much easier, as you give the script of your event and the team works together making sure the shots from the ground are complementing aerial shots and vice versa.

Write a script with all your important little details. You want to make sure drone will capture a moment when your parents will arrive on a carriage with horses to the main entrance of hotel, write it down, along with all the other important event points you want to capture and send it to your videographer. As a general rule, the videographer must attend a venue place once prior to the event and give his comments on it. Talented people usually see the world differently and can give you an amazing idea that you didn’t think of, but will surely would love to add to your video.

Let’s assume you took our advice and hired one videography company for ground-based video and drone services, and you are few days away from your wedding. Then you looked at weather forecast, and it is predicting thunderstorm and you get really upset. Because you hired only one company for that type of work, you can easily work it out and reduce your losses.
At my own wedding it was so windy that drone couldn’t fly and show the amazing island where we were having the ceremony. However, we flew it the next day, and using professional post-production techniques we completed our video perfectly. For us, because the wedding was very small, nobody can recognize that the drone footage was shot on a different day. We just went so high, that Key Biscayne looked like a little island in Atlantic Ocean.

When you hire videography services, there are 2 essential questions they should respond with “Yes” for you to precede with future arrangements:

First, do you have Pilot in Command Certificate issued by FAA?
People who have this Certificate passed a serious aeronautical knowledge test and know how to operate drone safely, knowing all restrictions, and can handle your videography experience professionally and as safely as possible. It is required by law to have this license.

Second, do you have general liability Insurance?
Hotels usually require that type of insurance, to cover costs if damage happen, and $1M is the typical coverage amount. Even if you already hired videographer without insurance, any hotel will not allow them shoot on their territory. However, single event insurance is easily available but it should be a cost that the videographer covers, not you.

You should also consider asking your videographer about providing the raw by way of your contract, as you may want to do edits in future years, and splice in some more footage of the original event. Perhaps in 5 years you decide to do anniversary party and combine it with footage from your wedding, or make behind the scenes video, you will be ready to pull out your original footage and expand your vidéo.

We wish you great wedding we are always here for your wedding vidoegraphy needs at NEBO AERIAL WORKS.

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